App Review: Cooliris

“Cooliris lets me explore the web with a 3D wall on the Mac/PC, and now on the iPhone.”

I just recently downloaded the Cooliris App to give it a try. I’ve been using Cooliris on my desktop computer for over a year, and it’s a very cool way to search for photos. My only criticism of the program in general is that it does not seem to offer the advanced search options you can do in a standard search engine like Google. For example, when I search for images on Google, I usually set it to search only for Large images so I do not waste time looking at thumbnail-sized images.

With regard to the Iphone/Itouch app, my only small criticism would be that when you click the email button, I would prefer it email the image as an attachment instead of as a link to the image location. That’s not a big issue since the app will download the image to your photo album, and then you can easily attach it to an email outside of the app.

Here is an interesting photo found using Search in Cooliris:

Wouldn’t you like to know the story behind this photo? I would.

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