App Reviews: Adobe Ideas vs. SketchBookX

One of my favorite genres of Iphone/Itouch Apps are Drawing and Photo Manipulation, and I recently found a new free app in this category called Adobe Ideas. The best feature of this application is it’s ability to take the strokes you draw with your finger and removes the jagged pixels, converting your strokes into smooth, fluid curves. Anyone who has become frustrated trying to draw with their finger will appreciate this function immensely. This is a feature that truely sets this app apart from any other Drawing app I currently use. Despite this very cool feature, I still found it quite difficult to create something that didn’t look like it was done by a 5th grader using a box of crayons:

Mighty Mouse Scales the Eiffel Tower

(The background is from the app Photochop, which I have previously featured in this blog.)

Of course I’m sure that some readers will be thinking “why bother trying to draw on an Iphone/Itouch?”. If your goal is to create art, why not do it on a desktop computer with more sophisticated software and interface, or go “old school” and break out a sketchbook and pencils or paints? It’s a logical question to ask, but I think what makes these apps popular with users like me is that I can draw anywhere and anytime, and the more aesthetically pleasing the output, the more enjoyable the experience. Some of the examples I’m going to share in this post were done during a long wait at the Dr.’s office.

Adobe Ideas has good interface that’s pretty simple to learn. You can import images from your photo album and then draw over them. You can customize your colors rather than being stuck with a pre-defined color palette, and you can also adjust your brush size and opacity.

I decided to pit Adobe Ideas against my favorite drawing app “SketchBookX” (free version). My subject matter was typical for me, Male Pecs and Nipples. Here is the photo I loaded into both apps as my virtual “Model”:

Put a Ring on it

I quickly abandoned efforts in Adobe Ideas in favor of my preferred program, SketchBookX:

First effort using SketchBookX

I think the reason why I gave up on Adobe Ideas for my work is that I found toggling back and forth between color controls, brush size, and brush opacity to be somewhat laborious and time consuming. SketchBookX enables you to pick a color right off your work in progress by simply holding your finger on the screen until a “target” appears, and then you move your finger on the screen to the color you want to use. Color selection in SketchBookX is superior to any other drawing/doodling app I have on my Itouch. Another big advantage for SketchBookX is the fact that you can use multiple “layers” on your work, if there was a way to use more than 2 layers in Adobe Ideas (a photo layer and a drawing layer), I could not figure out how.

Now I wanted this guy to have a furry chest, and I’ve yet to master drawing body hair using any drawing app, but I do have an app that lets you add text characters to a picture. That app is called Puri Lite, and I found that the “@” character does look a little like a curly chest hair. It was tedious work, but I added a bunch of these t my original to depict chest hair:

The "@" character used to depict chest hair.

In afterthought, I pondered whether this character looks more like pubic hair :-D. Oh well, maybe I’ll use commas next time around. Then in a final touch, I returned to SketchBookX to soften the edges on the “chest hair”:

a softer look

I do not wish to confess how much time I spent on my little digital masterpiece…just suffice to say it took a lot longer than taking the original photo and using filters from Artcam Lite on it:

Oil Painting Filter from ArtCam Lite

Degas Filter from ArtCam Lite

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