App Review: Tapfish for Itouch/Iphone…my newest lame addiction…

….or perhaps I should say my lamest new addiction? I’m embarrassed to confess how much time I’ve spent cleaning virtual aquariums and raising and selling virtual fish. Probably a fraction of the time spent by the average Farmville user on Facebook, but still way too much time!! It is surprisingly addictive. I currently have 4 aquariums and I open this app several times a day to feed my fish, love my fish, and then sell my fish for coins. The coins are then used to buy plants, rocks, coral, other misc. tank decorations, but most importantly MORE FISH. It’s a free app, but as is the point with most of these “free” games, they seek to entice you to spend money on “fishbucks” with which you can buy the fanciest fish and decorations. No worries, I’m a cheapskate through and through and I can still proudly say that I haven’t purchased a single app….which I realize will not endear me to any App developers that may happen to read this post….so I can guarantee you that I will not be buying any fishbucks. If you currently play any games on Facebook (e.g. Farmville, Zoo, Yoville, Mafia Wars, etc.), this App will probably appeal to you, although if you currently play Farmville I’m not sure you’ll have time to add this app to your daily regimen ๐Ÿ˜€

Here are screenshots of the aquariums I’m currently keeping. Guess which tank decoration is not actually available on Tapfish:

And as I’m sure you guessed, the Merman is not an actual tank decoration available on the Tapfish app, I cut him out of artwork by Ismael Alvarez (, and used the app “Juxtaposer Jr.” to add him to my tank.

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