Mobile Adam4Adam site VS. Grindr App for Cruising with your mobile device

I was doing some business travel this past week and got a little horny while I was sitting in my hotel room, so I decided to pull out my Itouch to see what kind of fun trouble I could find. While I love the concept of Grindr, and use the app frequently, I have to confess that it has not produced ANY matches for me in the casual sex department. After checking out some guys on Grindr, I decided to fall back on to see who I might find. I don’t use Adam4Adam very often on my Itouch, because it’s a little inconvenient to navigate their website on the small screen. That’s why I was excited to see a bulletin on their main site promoting the recent launch of their mobile website ( Hallelujah! I bounced back and forth between the new mobile Adam4Adam site and Grindr, and was soon exchanging messages with two good prospects on Adam4Adam. I’m pleased to say that I was soon putting the Itouch away to get ready for my “room service” to arrive.

In fairness I should tell you that I’m comparing both as a “Free” user, I don’t subscribe to either Adam4Adam or Grindr’s pay features. I think what really puts the mobile Adam4Adam site on top for me is that you have a lot more guys to check out than what you can pull up in Grindr. The other advantage of Adam4Adam is that you typically get a much more complete profile to read, so you can spend your time on exchanging messages with guys with whom you have a better chance of being compatible. Grindr is a great concept, but outside of major cities, it can end up pulling guys that are nowhere close to where you are. Another disadvantage of Grindr is that Apple does not allow any “overtly sexual” apps to be offered in the App store, so they have to be overly aggressive in censoring pictures and profile comments.

While I’m not giving up on Grindr, I heartily recommend the new mobile site developed by the good people at Adam4Adam.

The new mobile Adam4Adam site, a better option than Grindr?

14 thoughts on “Mobile Adam4Adam site VS. Grindr App for Cruising with your mobile device

    • Stop back by and let me know your opinion. I don’t think I’ve hooked up with a single person via Grindr, but I have had success with Adam4Adam.

  1. There is a new app now called Jack’d. I think it would be better for the larger metro areas, it actually shows the city the person is in . They also can post several pics. Easy to navigate.

    • I agree with you that the functionality of Jack’d is somewhat better than Grindr. When Jack’d was originally released it was called Gay Men’s Social Network/Gd. I reviewed it in a different post…here’s the shortlink if you’d like to see what I said about it then:
      Unfortunately, in my area, Grindr seems to be more popular and brings up more guys that are closer to where I am.

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  4. 😦 I tried to load adam4adam to my 3GS 32 gig iphone sorry to say that it wouldn’t work
    My phone is barely 6 ms old and it’s not comparable
    Guys we all don’t have new phones maybe update the program to work with older phones too !!!

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