“Teflon” Tim Urban survives another week on American Idol, why I like him despite what the critics say…

Tim Urban ROCKS.  I love this dude.  OK, so what the judges say is inarguably true.   His performances on A.I. have largely been what Simon likes to call “Karaoke” renditions that are at best corny.  I can’t argue it, it’s an undisputed fact.

Putting singing ability aside…I have to confess that I LOVE watching him on American Idol.   Who else do you know who could stand there and take blistering criticisms from ALL 4 judges in front of a live audience of hundreds and a television audience of thousands, and laugh it off like it’s nothing!!

I don’t want to be the next American Idol….I fuckin’ wanna be TIM URBAN!!

Think about this for a minute…    Who needs the pressure of trying to claw your way to the top, only to have to constantly battle for relevance and attention in the savage world of Pop music.   Tim is somebody who can find laughter and happiness in a situation that would bring most people to tears.    Who do you think is going to be happier 5 years from now, the artist who ultimately wins this competition, or Tim Urban?   I’m laying my money on Tim.

I think the fact that their criticisms do not seem to phase Tim in the least must be driving the judges crazy, particularly Simon.  He predicted on preformance night that despite what they had to say about Tim Urban, he would be back to smile and sing next week.

And Simon was right….

And here’s the second reason I want to be Tim Urban….the dude is SERIOUSLY HOT.  He’s got the best bod of ANY of the other contestants…possibly one of the fittest bods they’ve ever had on this show.  He even puts their Personal Trainer contestant’s body to shame (Michael Lynch).  And that SMILE, my gawd, that big toothy smile lights up the room like stage lights.

My only criticism on Tim’s appearance is his “That 70’s Show” haircut, but I gotta admit, it’s growing on me.

How far will Tim’s hotness and personality carry him in this competition?  If he does not find a way to sing and perform better, I’d say his time on A.I. is going to be limited to 2 weeks longer at best.  This is, after all, a competition to find somebody who can sell lots of records, and that person is likely to be Crystal Bowersox in my humble opinion.

I would also be remiss to comment on how sad I was to see Didi get the boot this week.   I think she has an incredibly beautiful and unique voice, and I’d like to see her succeed as a music artist.  I think she just made some bad song choices that did not suit her well.   Despite my appreciation for her vocal talent, I cannot argue the judge’s criticism of her overly dramatic and depressing performance in this week’s competition.

And now…..HEEEEEEEEERE’S Tim Urban….and he’s shirtless!….

Teflon Tim Urban

American Idol Hunk "Teflon" Tim Urban

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