These balls are made for busting…

gotballs, originally uploaded by funhunter44.

I recently watched some YouTube videos of guys playing Nut Ball, which reignited a strange fascination I have with ballbusting. Now let me clarify, I’m not interested in seeing or participating in a scene where anyone takes such a severe blow that they fracture a testicle or risk losing the ability to procreate. Having made that clarification, I do find something intriguing about the fact that regardless of how powerful and formidable a man might be, all men have the same “Achilles’ heel“. An area of complete vulnerability.

I also find something completely fascinating about guys that can take pain. I’ve often heard it said that there’s a “thin line between pleasure and pain”, and I believe it. As part of masturbation in my early adult life, I experimented with tying up my genitals and weighting my balls. I must confess that I found it deliciously stimulating, even though it did cause some pain.

Now I’m really interested in finding some like-minded guys with whom I can take the experimentation to a new level. To that end I’ve created a group on Facebook called Male-to-Male Ballbusting. I wanted to create a unique image for the group, so the above photo was the result. It is actually a “mash-up” of 4 different photos that I stitched together using Adobe Photoshop Elements. I started with a model on a chair, then added a different facial expression, then put the target on his underwear, and finally, added the guy ready to kick the guy’s “man berries”. It was fun to make….I love a creative project!

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