Is anyone else sick of Brad Pitt’s wild and crazy beard…

Don’t get me wrong,  I love facial hair…..all kinds of facial hair.   In my opinion, just about every clean-shaven guy out there would look hotter to me if they had facial hair of some sort.  I’ve actually drawn mustaches and goatees on pictures of guys in magazines just to see what they would look like with facial hair….

But I have to say there is one VERY notable exception to this rule, and that exception is Brad Pitt.

When is he ever going to shave off that hideous beard?   The d*mn thing needs it’s own zip code for pete’s  sake….

If he cut it down to a well-trimmed goatee I’d probably love it, but it’s so nasty and unkept looking I could almost imagine bugs living in it.   And it mars a perfectly handsome face!  Does anyone remember how sexy he was in the movie “Troy“.   Perhaps what we need is to get Mr. Pitt another role in a movie so he’ll shave that nastiness off his face.

I have to blame Angelina Jolie for this…one word from her and I bet he’d shave…

Which do you prefer:

Brad Pitt with Beard

Brad Pitt with goatee

Brad sans Beard

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