Another post about Grindr…

I’ve had Grindr for a few months, and it IS an app I enjoy using.  It’s a great concept….and I’m glad that the developers of this app decided to put the geo-location capabilities of the Iphone/Itouch to good use.   It’s like a real working “Gaydar”.  I’ve been propositioned a few times, and once I even went to a local park to meet one of those guys that only posts their Torso pics.  I can relate to that because I also have privacy concerns with putting it all “out there”, face and all, for everyone to see.  Anyways, I went to meet this guy, and was surprised that I didn’t have the physical attraction to him in real life that I expected to have based on his picture.  I apologized, and told him that I had “cold feet”, and he said he understood, but therein lies the problem for me…there’s so much more to sexual attraction and chemistry than specific physical characteristics.  A few pictures are hard to use as a predictor of compatibility.

I still like the app, but I have to laugh at three things:

1. How many guys take a picture of themselves in the bathroom mirror and use that as their profile.
2. How many guys hold their Iphone an arms length from their face while driving and take a picture to use as their profile pic.
3. How many guys post that they are happily-partnered and using the app only for the purpose of chatting and finding new friends….

And to guys that are in the 3rd category I’d like to say, “get real, we know why you’re here!!”

image by Ismael Alvarez and found on

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