Lady Gaga & Beyonce | Telephone Video| VEVO

It’s here, and true to Lady Gaga’s inimitable form, it’s completely over the top!!  Beyonce is looking fierce in this.  I have to say I wasn’t expecting a ten-minute movie production.  Quite interesting…


Lady Gaga & Beyonce | Playlist | VEVO.    <—–  Link to video on VEVO

One thought on “Lady Gaga & Beyonce | Telephone Video| VEVO

  1. There is some interesting discussion about this song on and one reader commented the video left her liking the song less.
    Some post thoughts on this: The song and the video are interesting separately and on their own merit…but I’m not sure they pair particularly well together. The song references being at the club on the dance floor and not wanting to be bothered by calls, the video is something completely different. That said, I still find the story told by the video to be intriguing, and I like the “Thelma and Louise” angle they took with the story. Both Gaga and Beyonce are excellent in this.

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