Civility and Online Cruising

So if you’re gay and you have an Iphone or Itouch, chances are you have probably at least heard about the app Grindr. Let’s call it a “Social Networking” app for Gay, Bi, and Bi-curious men. There are a lot of hot guys using the app, which has very good functionality. What I like best about this app is that it shows you guys that are using the app and are close to you in geographic proximity. That’s really handy, because when you are looking for an “activities” partner, you need somebody “close at hand” ξ„… πŸ˜‰

As with any cruising….oops, I meant to say “social networking” site, a well-written profile is a must! That’s why it’s surprising to come across some really bad ones. I think I’ll feature one of those here on my own personal soapbox.

Here is one from a young guy with a fairly nice bod, but I’m shocked by the rude profile.

To this young lad I’d like to say: “there’s a better way to say you are only interested in guys that are under 30”.

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