Olympian Scotty Lago — To the Victor Goes …

So last night I’m watching the Olympics and take notice of sexy snowboarder Scotty Lago on the podium to receive his Bronze Medal for Halfpipe.   I think to myself, here’s some hot eye-candy to feature on my blog tomorrow.  Little did I know that this hot mess was going to end up in a sexy scandal of sorts.   Personally, I agree with Yahoo Sports writer Jeff Passan that the actions taken against this athlete seem excessively harsh (read more at Sources: USSA forced Lago to leave Olympics), he was apparently forced by the Olympic “powers that be” to leave Vancouver.  Here are the pictures featured on TMZ.com that landed Scotty in hot water:

Olympian Scotty Lago — To the Victor Goes … | TMZ.com.

In these days in which just about anything you do in public can be captured for eterity on just about anybody’s cellphone camera, there is very little room for errors in behavior….    I wonder how the young lady in this picture feels about being plastered all over the world-wide-web, and did anyone tell her she had to leave Vancouver??

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