have you ever seen a sexy AND masculine men’s figure skater?

I have, thanks to American Olympic Champion Evan Lysacek!   I can’t say that I really follow this sport, but I took a quick interest in Evan.   In watching his interviews proceeding his appearance in the Vancouver Olympic games, I was struck not only by how unusually sexy and masculine he was for a figure skater, but also by how genuinely nice he seems.   Unlike so many egotistical and self-absorbed professional atheletes, Evan is a “breath of fresh air”.   Watching his deserved win in last night’s competition was especially satisfying.  Contrast Evan with poor-sport posterboy Plushenko make’s me even happier that Evan won.   While some have debated the merits of the outcome, I can only say that I found both of Evan’s routines to be significantly more artful and enjoyable to watch than Plushenko’s rather cold and choppy sequence of techniques.  I’m glad that the judges did not give the Gold to Plushenko simply because he can do a quad.  While I know that you cannot “judge a book by it’s cover”, in this case, physical beauty and inner beauty seem to be very closely matched!

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