My first blog entry…hello world…

Hi Folks,
I’m starting this blog due to the demise of Yahoo 360, and will be republishing that content here.   I will warn you in advance….this is a blog mainly devoted to frivolity, eye-candy, and my over-active interest in sex.  Consider yourself forewarned!

Take the Slutcom Test!
I recently saw this fun little quiz on another Yahoo 360 page, and took the test. I must say I wasn’t expecting this result….I figured I’d rank 2, maybe 3 at the most!!
Image You are a Slutcom 4, and um… wow. They look at you. They blink. You pounce. Your room is characterized by a “Now Serving” counter above your bed and a “Take a Number” box outside your door. Anyone who enters your lair is required to be irradiated before leaving. We’re talking two people in a night, multiple hook-ups each weekend… dirrty.
Take the slutcom litmus test! The slutcom litmus test originated in A Word of Advice.

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