Photographer Spotlight: Michael Alago (

If I could only use one word to describe Michael’s work, that word would be “hyper-masculine”.   There is an undeniable segment of the gay male population that craves manliness in it’s roughest and crudest form.  I believe that segment of the population has existed longer than I’ve been alive, and Michael’s photography serves that segment perfectly. 

Even as far back as the 1950′s, there has been an underground appreciation for masculinity.  These consumers had to be content with magazines that celebrated the male physique and bodybuilding.  I suppose men who enjoyed these publications could pretend their interest was in self-improvement rather than in the eroticism of nude and nearly nude men.   While groundbreaking for their time, obviously they are quite tame by today’s standards.  Click here for a fascinating look at this early genre of masculine imagery: A Short History of Physique Magazines

It was one of these very magazines, Physique Pictorial, which premiered the images of a budding artist named Touko Laaksonen (better known to the world as Tom of Finland) in the Spring of 1957.   I don’t think it is a stretch to say that Michael Alago is to photography what Tom of Finland was to drawing in appealing to gay men who appreciate this hyper-masculine imagery.







This is a little different from my typical entry, in which I merely repost something that I like from some other source…I hope my readers will appreciate the extra effort.   I’ve been neglectful of my blog lately, so I wanted to try to post something a little more interesting.   There’s nothing a blogger likes more than feedback, so I would appreciate your comments if you like what you see.    :-)

Furry Critters with iPhones

I have come to the realization that I have way too many pics of hot guys on my iPod Touch that need to be used in some creative fashion….so here are some hairy hotties that I decided to incorporate into a Desktop Wallpaper design. I’ve been accumulating these pics for quite a while, but if my memory is correct….I’m pretty sure most of these sexy guys are from “Jack’d”, which is a social networking app for gay men. It is incredible to me how many beautiful men are out there :-)

A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste….

So I was trying to pass some time on a long car drive last weekend, and decided to have a little fun drawing on a picture I found on the internet. I drew the bandana, sunglasses, harness, armband, and cock with a great little Android app called PicsArt. I was also able to add the text using the same app.

What do you think of my “makeover”? I’m also showing the original photo so you can let me know. He is pretty hot without my “embellishments”….but I think he looks especially sexy in my harness and bandanna, don’t you? ;-)


Hunk du Jour via Tumblr Blog: Leather. Bondage. Love.

Sorry for the long delay since my last post!  Fortunately I’ve been living life so well that I just haven’t had time…..

Since it has been such a long time since my last post, I hope you like my selection for the day.   My only “wish” for this pic is that his captor had used a Ball Gag instead of this one, which covers too much of his face.  You can see the hint of a very hot beard, and I’d like to see more of his facial hair.

Nice shoulders and arms, and the pleading eyes are such a turn-on!  I’d love to be there to pinch and suck on those nipples!!
Leather. Bondage. Love..

Today’s theme: Show us your nipples!

I’ve been saving hot pics from the internet faster than I can feature them….so here’s several at once….I’m guessing nobody will mind  :)

For my first selection, here’s a classy black and white of a nude male relaxing on a staircase.    I love sucking on man nips, and this guy has a pair I would enjoy tasting :P

check out the shadow his left nipple is's me wild with desire!

I'll bet you anything his buns are as perfectly shaped as his pecs...

that fancy tray wasn't the kind of room service he was hoping for...

with a chiseled bod like that, I guess a cocky look is justified...what do you think of the navel piercing?

I definitely have a them going here with the shirts pulled up above the nipples...if you must wear a shirt, this is how I like them worn :D